32 Tips For Offline Marketing in South Africa

1. Site and URL Awareness For Employees
Make sure everyone at your organization knows how to find your company’s website, navigate 
through it, and is able to describe special features to customers as they reference it. It is very 
damaging to an organization if its staff is unfamiliar with the website. Credibility drops through 
the floor when potential customers discover that your staff members don’t know the most basic 
parts of your marketing efforts.
2. Add Website Addresses to Inbound and Outbound Messages
Include your website address in all of your inbound and outbound phone messages so your 
potential customer can go to your website to learn more. This helps build some familiarity and 
allows customers to establish a comfort zone with you early on.
3. Office Letterhead, Envelopes, Invoices, Receipts, Packing Stickers, Boxes
Advertise your website’s domain name in big, bold letters on any promotional material that 
customers will see.
4. Yes! Your Checks Too
Add your website address underneath your business name on your business checks. You never 
know when the opportunity to obtain more business will present itself!
5. Local Newspapers
Get free PR by asking all of your daily and weekly newspapers to interview you and your 
business about your unique role in the market. Talk about your new business practices, new 
services, new equipment, new state-of-the-art processes, etc.
6. Radio Talk Shows
Local, regional, and national radio stations across the country like to host guests who are experts 
in various fields. Radio stations need qualified guests to fill their air time, so you don’t pay 
anything to be a guest and you have ample time to share your website as a resource for listeners 
looking for more information about your area of expertise.
7. Local Television
While watching your local television stations, look for segments and local programs that invite 
guests to talk about various subjects. Contact those stations and offer to be a guest on one of their 
segments. Being a guest is free and it gives you a ton of branding exposure.8. Local Business Magazines
If you look closely you will notice a lot of local magazines on the sidewalk racks. Scan their 
content to identify the variety of topics they cover and contact the publishing editor about 
contributing a story or column. List your website address in your credits.
9. Classified Newspaper Ads
Putting your classified ad in the local newspapers can boost sales and website traffic with 
minimal investment that increases branding and name recognition.
10. Business Card Marketing
It’s old school but it still works to promote your business and website. Liberally hand out your 
business card to everyone who might have a reason to do business with you.
11. Be Unique With Your Business Cards
Use both the front and back of your business card. Put an offer on the back of the card that a 
potential client can print directly from your website.
12. Business Cards at Local Businesses and Establishments
Put your business cards on bulletin boards at local businesses, such as coffee houses, banks, 
libraries, entrances to grocery stores, etc. Scan your community and you will spot these 
opportunities everywhere.
13. Use Your Car To Advertise
Your car makes it all over town and gets a lot of exposure on the streets and parking lots. 
Advertise your website address on your car for greater business visibility.
14. Sponsor Local Events and Contests
Fairs, art shows, plays, concerts, athletic and eating type contests all offer great opportunities to 
promote your website.
15. Holiday and Birthday Cards
Customers love to be reminded why they do business with you and a personal note is a good way 
to remind them to visit your website.
16. Parks and Highways
Add your website to signage that usually only includes your company’s name, logo, and service 
description.17. Open House
Hold an open house a few times a year. Invite people in from the street for cold drinks and/or 
food and hand shakes.
18. Sponsor Local Sports Teams
This is a great way to advertise your company name or – better yet – your website address. You 
can advertise on the kids’ uniforms and their promotional materials. It’s great recognition for 
your company.
19. Business Card Magnets
People always need more magnets and the ones they use are often from local companies.
20. Sponsor Charity Events
By sponsoring a local charity event, not only does your company get great exposure, you can 
also call local newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and tell them about your good deed. You 
may get some good coverage from them and you can’t buy that kind of positive promotion.
21. Get Your Customers Involved
Offer your customers an incentive to refer new customers to you. Offer them money off of their 
next purchase for referring a friend. Give your customers a reason to work for you and a reason 
to talk about your company.
22. Use Funny and Unique Bookmarks
Print out funny and/or unique bookmarks and place them in coffee shops, book stores, libraries, 
and breakfast cafés.
23. Schedule Speaking Engagements
Speak at seminars, chamber events, business club meetings, and lead-generating clubs.
24. Create and Distribute a Free Printed Newsletter to Local Businesses
Many types of businesses love to provide a variety of reading material for their customers. 
Distribute your newsletter to places with waiting rooms like doctor’s offices, veterinarian offices, 
lube and oil shops, tire stores, hospitals, and any other business with a waiting room.
25. Get Involved at Local Social Events
Examples include churches, synagogues, school events, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.26. Participate at Area Trade Shows
This is a great way to get your name and brand out there and it’s a great place to communicate 
briefly with many people.
27. Use Yourself as Advertisement
Use your clothes and accessories as advertisement space. Put your logo and website address on 
your shirts, pants, hats, coats, pins, etc. This really works and helps with branding recognition.
28. Utilize Business Friendship Marketing
Find local businesses that will allow you to include your promotional material with theirs and 
visa versa. Include your website address in outbound orders, mail outs, flyers, coupons, etc. 
Many businesses do this and they save thousands of dollars in comparison to those businesses 
working on individual campaigns. Include three or four businesses and the cost diffuses even 
29. Movie Theater Ads
Movie theaters now play ads that run on screen before the movie starts. These ads work well 
because many people see them. Include your website address in your ads.
30. Local Cable Channels
Many of you are probably already advertising on your local cable TV stations, so make sure to 
include your website address in your TV spots. You can only relay so much information in a 20 
to 30 second ad, but potential customers can take their time and learn much more from your 
31. Become a Free Learning Source
Become a leader in your industry by providing free information. Hold a class or give free 
32. Your Box of Stuff
Don’t go anywhere without a box full of all your promotional material to hand out, post, or drop 
off. You never know where or when an opportunity to promote your business will come along!

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