Social Media Marketing gives access to your customers

Social Media Marketing – Discover how it gives ACCESS to your customers

Social Media Marketing is becoming a very important tool for small business marketing, as a way of growing your business and beating your competitors. And in terms of business opportunities arising from using social media South Africa is a great place to get started now.

Read on to discover WHY.

As I talk to local businesses around Johannesburg, and all over South Africa for that matter, I always get asked to explain the advantages of social media marketing, so I have created 5 related articles to do so.

So Lets consider ACCESS and how using a variety of Social Media tools helps your business to be accessible to your current and potential customers. And just as importantly, how it gives you ACCESS to THEM at the same time.

The majority of potential customers now search online for products, information and solutions. They are also increasingly connected and networked together in a way that has never before been possible. This is very powerful, but also presents a massive opportunity, especially for local businesses like you to be accessible to your customers in many more creative ways then you are currently using.

Customers EXPECT freely available ACCESS to information to help them solve their problems, or decide what to buy.

But they want that information to be Quick, Easy, and to get it When and How they want.

Not only do they search with Google, and other search engines, but they search on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube for the latest & most interesting content. They love to watch videos, and get quick interesting and specific bursts of information that is very relevant to what they are searching for.

So it follows that YOUR information must be WHERE THEY SEARCH. If they can’t find you, or your business, or your products and services, they won’t buy from you, they will buy from the person who is accessible, everywhere.

And just having one static website is not enough thesedays.
You need to keep your website up-to-date, make it relevant and provide a reason for your site visitors to come back and eventually buy from you, wherever you are selling ‘your stuff’.

Social Media Marketing helps you do this – it makes you accessible – even when closed.
You can be up-to-the minute, react with trends and concerns.
You spread & share your information, and do it in lots of great ways that your customers will love.

So they tell their friends and networks and connections about you.

They check you out, so you get more website traffic. Your increasing accessiblity is bringing you increasing opportunities.

The key thing that I truly believe is that this is not some passing fad. I have seen it many times already, that if you choose to ignore this, choose to do nothing, then you can guarantee that your competitors will get started and they will reap the benefits  instead of you.
This really is an essential tool for small business marketing and survival.

Think it sounds hard? Think its not for you? Think You have no time to do it?

Well – Why not find out more – and see how easy we make it for you? Our tailor-made social media strategy and easy to understand services provide you with all these benefits, with zero extra effort on your part.

Visit and sign up for our free information pack including a free social media marketing strategy session.

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